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SATISFY is a lifestyle brand and digital/print magazine that provides Black millennials with healing outlets for social, sensual and spiritual satisfaction. 



Founder/Editor In Chief

Sarahn - LA, Jersey/Philly

The creative captain of SATISFY, Sarahn is a  sassy and spiritual scorpio, who is complete with being barefoot in the grass, traveling to new and familiar places and sharing the stories of melanated magicians.



Jasmine - Charlotte, NC

An introverted extrovert, Jasmine describes herself as just a Sag trying to make it in life and doing some cool things along the way.

Sumari (1).png

Creative Contributor

Sumari - Oakland, CA

A passionate Libra who loves to travel the world to expand her mind. She enjoys telling stories from around the globe that inspire people to take risks and step outside of their comfort zone. Sumari enjoys event planning, creating content, cooking, and writing.

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 5.16.27 PM.jpeg

Arts & Culture Director

Candace - Brooklyn, NY

A true Libra who thrives on being able to bring her whole self to projects and spaces that focus on positivity and progress for people of color.


Creative Editor

Quianna - Philadelphia, PA

A quirky, fun loving Aries who gets her life through music, content creation and fashion! With dreams of becoming a household name through her ventures in music, Quianna plans to give back to her community through avenues of mental health, with a targeted goal of tackling the stigma it holds in the Black community.

rachel headshot.jpg
Community Engagement Director

Rachel - Philadelphia, PA

As a professional dabbler, creative powerhouse, and “go big or go home” romantic, Rachel fits the best and worst of Pisces stereotypes. No matter what country she's dancing in, or what daydream she's caught up on, one thing remains consistent: her mission to highlight the folks using personal passions to nourish our global community.

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