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Chakra Studies: The Heart Chakra

Chakra Studies: Heart Chakra (Anahata)


Chakras are focal points in the body used in ancient meditation practices. The 7 chakras represent physical and spiritual energies, existing in the body, that are at work in your life.

It is believed that the Heart Chakra is the most powerful chakra, and serves as the unifying bridge between the higher and lower aspects of self.

Location: Heart

Color: Green

Related to: Compassion, Empathy, Love, Forgiveness

When Balanced: trustful, tolerant, open-hearted, forgiving, generous, empathetic, at peace with emotional decisions, know own worthiness of love, enjoy giving and receiving love, having a deep love for nature and all creations

When Imbalanced: holding on to grudges, dwelling on sad thoughts or feelings, pushing people away, struggling to emotionally commit to friendships or intimate relationships, excessive self-isolation, frequent jealousy, overly defensive, taking on role of rescuer or victim, lack of emotional boundaries, clingy or codependent

HOW TO balance the Heart Chakra's

diet: eat green foods and drink green tea, spend time in nature around grass and trees, get heart rate up and do stretches/yoga poses that focus on opening up the chest, recite love affirmations such as "I am open to love" and "I accept and love myself", practice compassion and allowance of others' feelings and sensitivity, be thankful and show gratitude, establish clear personal boundaries, do a forgiveness ritual, let go of the role of 'martyr'


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