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Jasmine's Corner: Protein Shake Recipe


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The rule is, "dry to wet," especially for smoothies less than 20oz. If you are working with frozen ingredients, add those first, then the dry ingredients (powder, oats, peanut butter). Next, add your liquid of choice.

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To start, decide what size shake you want to make. This determines how much of each ingredient you'll need. For example, my bullet can blend up to 12oz. This requires 1-1 1/4 scoops of protein powder.

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Larger blenders usually have timed settings for consistency. With my bullet, I typically blend for 15sec, check the consistency, then do an additional 15 sec if necessary.

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Once your shake is blended to your liking, add crushed graham crackers and whipped cream as a topping! Yogurt is a great alternative to whipped cream.


Vanilla protein powder

Peanut butter


8-12oz of water ice

Graham crackers

Whip Cream


Protein powder flavor of choice Soy butter/sunflower butter/nutella 8-12oz of milk Frozen fruit of choice (bananas) Vegan yogurt


Although I do not practice veganism or vegetarianism, I do monitor what I'm ingesting and try to get in at least three meals a day. However, my busy work schedule during the week makes it difficult to meet my desired caloric intake. This particularly becomes an issue on the days that I work out. This shake is a great supplement for me on days where I haven't eaten enough, or when I'm craving something sweet but healthy. Even after a long day at work, it's the perfect snack because it takes less than 10 minutes to make! For this recipe, I've listed the items I've decided to use, but I've also included some alternatives for your unique dietary needs. I decided to use water because the vanilla protein is sweet on its own and each time I've made this or any other shake with milk (usually almond or skim), it's too sweet. However, if you're working with a flavor that isn't as sweet, agave is my favorite natural sweetener! I can also confirm this recipe tastes great with chocolate protein powder. I have vanilla oats, but opted for my smores flavored oats just to see how I like it. The amount of oats and peanut butter I use is to taste. An exact measurement might be 1-2 tablespoons for each. Lastly, since I am using water instead of milk, I'm using ice to thicken the shake and give it a nice consistency.


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