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Martial Asana with Derek Garlington


Be inspired by Derek Garlington as he shares how he blends yoga and martial arts to uplift his community.

A native of Connecticut and now a resident of Los Angeles, Derek is a student of the world. Derek is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he received his MFA in Screenwriting in 2020. He is using his skills to tell stories of triumph and joy for Black people. As a freelance filmmaker, he has produced, edited and assistant directed films with topics ranging from social justice to fitness.

Derek has created a new style of fitness, which he calls Martial Asana. Martial Asana takes the extension and breath of yoga and combines it with the speed and velocity of martial arts. As an athlete and trained fighter, he is excited to share a message of power and peace with those he comes in contact. This unique blend of body training is intentional about teaching students the importance of protecting your mind and your body.

Garlington has noted that while many people who practice yoga do not know how to defend themselves or protect their bodies, people who practice martial arts don't often sit with their thoughts or use mindfulness as a tool for controlling breath and thought. He is excited to share the integration of these two physical art forms and use it to uplift his community, encouraging Black folks to detach from the struggle and find purpose in peace.


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